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Al Afdal Dental Clinic is a leading healthcare provider in Sharjah.

Our clinic have a professional team of dental specialists and dentists who are committed to excellence in dentistry. Equipped with the latest dental technology and state-of-the-art strict sterilization protocols, our team assures patient-oriented treatments with outstanding quality and results.

Our mission is to provide our valued customer with state of the art dental and oral treatments under utmost sterilized conditions at nominal cost.

We are the best multilingual dental clinic in Sharjah and are committed to provide honest, personal dental services to protect your teeth and keep them beautiful. Our team of certified dentists, dental nurses and office staff, speak many languages such as english, arabic, hindi,telugu,tamil and much more

High standards of sterilization

Safety of our patients is our primary concern. The highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness are maintained in our clinic. Our clinic exceed the standards of oral safety and health administration. The water used in our dental lines is distilled water. All instruments are autoclaved in special sealed sterilization pouches, and opened just prior to treat our patients. We have class b autoclave sterilizers which comply with the ministry of health standards and is recommended especially for surgical procedures.

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