Without doubt the best dentists in the UAE. I love the ambiance and the atmosphere they create.
I went for treatment for my wife and my daughter. Both of them are very happy with the service and I will definitely recommend Dr. Bhavna to my friend’s family and colleagues.
– Sunil G
This is by far the best dental Clinic I’ve been to!
Dr.Bhavna is the first dentist who paused to ask me if anything hurt and it was the first time I had totally pain-free dentistry!
The Crowns and the partials you did for me feels great!
The assistant and front desk people are considerate, caring and great professionals.
My sincere recommendation and reference to all is to go visit Dr. Bhavna, my favorite dentist, if have any dental problem.
– Selvam C
Very good dentist. I went for few tooth fillings and one tooth extraction. The doctor extracted my teeth without any pain. Thank you Dr. Bhavna. I recommend your clinic
– Jyothish Parakkal
Very good clinic with good ambience and good doctor. I went for my tooth fillings and one root canal treatment. I am extremely happy with the treatment and now my complete family is visiting al afdal dental clinic in case of any dental treatment. Thank you Dr. Bhavna and I recommend you and your clinic to all my friends and cousins.
– Soumaya Joseph
Good service, good facility & good treatment….
* Caring, professional & experienced doctors…
* Affordable prices…
* I recommend Al Afdal Dental Clinic.
Thanks Dr. Manaswini.
– Arjun Mmic
Excellent service and professionalism.. felt very comfortable and pain-free during the procedures..
Response from the owner4 months ago
– Anu Dean
Such cozy place for dental check up. Generally they deserve 5 stars!
– Kristela Marie Aguilar
Clinic is well equipped, and experienced doctor to take care of you. Had a great experience visiting the clinic where the doctor had the patience to explain the problem and the procedures done for the same.
– Hajash C P
Very satisfying treatment along with amazingly skilled DR. Would be recommending to all others!!
– Murtaza Rafi
Very good treatment and done my braces tightening with best price. I recommend this clinic.
– Godson george
Its nice place & Doctors are there to treat you the best
– Mohammed Arshad